HI! Thanks for being here!

I was born and raised in Canada but officially moved to the States in 2018 to marry my, now, husband. He and I met back in 2010 on a beach (ahem.. a bar) in Mexico. We stayed in touch for years, and finally took a chance at love in 2016.

I might have been raised a city girl for 23+ years... but I knew deep down in my heart I had country-girl in my blood (bringing home all the stray animals I found as a child was kind of a big giveaway). I now live on some acreage north of KCMO where I'm kept VERY busy raising a hobby farm and my toddler son, Dutton.

I spent the first decade of my professional career exclusively involved in the health + fitness space, working as a certified Personal Trainer + Nutrition coach. I not only made a living of it, I made a lifestyle of it. Still, to this day, I occupy space in the wellness space, but have shared my working capacity with photography for the last 4ish years. I spend weekdays working in the gym as a PT, guiding people to their healthiest selves. On weekends you can catch me igniting my creative soul + snaggin' your most beloved photos.

Photography began as an interest of mine in early high school, but it wasn't until late 2017 that I really started to delve into my curiosity of it. I'm entirely self-taught, and spent years NEVER leaving the house without my gear.

I'd describe myself as highly entrepreneurial, fiercely compassionate, and committed to living my most authentic life.

I thrive off connection and passionate purpose.



I am SO obsessed with Sabrina’s work! She has such a unique eye for photography and is an absolute dream to work with. Talent aside, Sabrina is also AMAZING with young kids and is able to keep them engaged (example: turning on the Encanto album for my overtired 1 year old).

The galleries are beautiful, the locations are perfect and her turn around time is really fast considering all the shoots she does. As for me and mine, we’re locked in for life with Sabrina. Also, one of my favorite things about her work is that she keeps the real stuff in. There’s no over editing out of stretch marks or the way that natural skin looks. She keeps all of the photos realistic and I love that.


A wedding photographer is an investment no matter how you slice it and such a big part of a really, really special day. I'm telling you, you want Sabrina on your team! She shows up for you before by getting to know you, putting a plan together for the day (Sabrina practically put the timeline together for our whole day!), checking in regularly to make sure we're both in good shape, and hyping up our big day! She shows up on the day of with a fun and focused energy and takes the load of making sure everybody is where they need to be. Our wedding party was big and rowdy and she wrangled us all like a champ. We got the traditional pictures to frame and show grandma, and plenty of the best candid's that showcase just who we are and the emotions of the day - priceless! You will notice the pictures aren't overly edited, they're real and just how they should be! You can trust Sabrina - everything she does is top quality and professional. One last thing - I've noticed a lot of Sabrina's clients are repeat clients, myself included, and that says a lot about Sabrina and what she does! Once you're in the Full Circle circle, you're in for life. L


Where do I begin? She has done everything from photographing my children and me for “mommy and me” sessions. Family photos with daddy and our 3rd baby. It’s not an easy job when it comes down to photographing my 6 year old, 3 year old (wild three year old), and now our youngest, 1 years old. But she does it with ease and she captures the best photos and angles. Her talent is truly unmatched.

THEN, to top it off, she went on to diversify her portfolio and started offering boudoir sessions. Although, at first this was a bit out of my comfort zone… She quickly helped me find my comfort in these photos and my confidence truly shined and it’s all because of her. She’s fantastic. Use her as your photographer, you won’t be disappointed.


I can’t say enough good things about Sabrina. She is one of the most versatile photographers you’ll ever meet. Need her to shoot your wedding? She’ll nail it! Want family photos? She’s your gal. Interested in a boudoir shoot? There’s literally no one better. And to top it off, she’s so easy going and gives you the freedom to add your own creative flare to your shoot. She’ll hype you up, make you feel comfortable, and hell, even offer you a beer! I love Sabrina!